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We're excited about our Grand Opening! Jim Broxson has lived in Milton all of his 86 years, and if he's not related to you, he probably went to school, worked, or hunted with someone in your family. The Broxsons have made Milton their home for more than a century, and now we're opening our home to you!

Jim and his daughter Dana opened their home goods store, Broxson's Rugs & More, in January and they are excited to share with you the wide selection of area rugs that are just waiting for their new home! We have them in several different sizes, patterns, and for every room in the house. We also sell Overhauled Overalls, customized overalls for every shape and size, tailored to your unique style that shows off your personality, your hobbies, or just showcases you!

We also have camo hats, backpacks, perfumes, cosmetic and travel bags, sheets, comforters, and specially fragranced candles and soaps to accent your home. We will be receiving furniture soon as well!  

Please come visit the Broxsons to see what they might have in store for you!


Dana and her dad have collaborated on a fictional tale based on real-life people and stories from the Northwestern Panhandle! The book incorporates several stories about real men and women in their families who lived in Milton and worked the land in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This is their first book together and it is available in the store and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and shared on GoodReads!

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